Introducing the human interface to a digital world, HS360 is the Facebook authorized sales partner for Pakistan. Whether you are a advertiser looking for a better promotion or a learner in search of knowledge. HS360 educate and implements the best Facebook practices to native clients. Everything from efficient content and pioneering media solutions to providing a credit line and a convenience to pay in a local currency is now possible . 

                       Our Services


Advertising Support

Plan the sale when you plan the ad. Let our experts guide you on optimum media solutions for your campaign.

Content Support


Two heads are better than one. Brainstorm and execute more efficient creative campaigns with our team trained by Facebook.


Payment Support

Flexibility to pay in local currency. Contact us for further details.


Exclusive Trainings


Global and Regional Facebook leads inspire and educate local businesses. Register with us for upcoming sessions.

Our Reach 


hs360 helps advertisers and agencies all over Pakistan achieve their business goals by providing local assistance, strategic direction and expertise across the family of Facebook products.


 What partners can do

Partners to help you Advertise
Set up your business.
Plan your campaign.
Measure your marketing.

Launch and manage your campaign.

Partners to help you Sell

Set up your shop.

Run your shop.

Fulfill your orders.

Support your customers.

Partners to help you Engage

Communicate with customers.

Message your customers.

Automate your communication process.

5 Simple Onboarding Steps

steps-1 (2).png

Meet with hs360 team 

Submission of KYC form, NDA & Contract 

Introduction to your client partner 

You are onboard 

Share the completed ad account creation form