What is your team size?

We are continuously growing and with expansion at this level we meet the need of adding members in our team every now and then. We make sure that we have a dedicated team assigned to your project and a team lead who communicates with you and provides all the support that is required of us.

How much do you charge?

How much do we charge depends on the needs of your business that are determined after brainstorming with you. Once the need assessment process is complete, the next stage is preparing feasibility for your business and doing the cost analysis. Once the cost analysis process is complete (usually takes a day) we share our price with you. Our prices are also mentioned on our website Packages section https://www.hs360digital.com/packages

Technologies you specialize in?

Our team of professionals specialize in web development, digital marketing, IT services that we are currently offering. We offer that we are expert at.

Will Social Media Work for My Business?

Yes. Social media has many different applications and can work for every company. Social media gives businesses the ability to connect directly with the customers like no other advertising outlet. Sometimes businesses don’t have the time or skills to effectively manage their social media efforts. The experts at HS360 Digital can handle all of your social media needs.